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 Rules of уRذ clan!!

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Rules of  уRذ clan!! Empty
PostSubject: Rules of уRذ clan!!   Rules of  уRذ clan!! EmptyMon Jul 30, 2007 8:20 pm

Some Rules to join уRذ Clan:
1. ask an admin or -Tifa_ to join and dont spam >.>
2. when they say no, then it stays no!
3. u do not choose who u want to fight.. (some ppl do that..)

Rules when ur in уRذ:
1. u do not offend anyone of the clan
2. with an issue with one of the members dont start flaming at eachother and spamming the clan chat!
3. when someone ask for help, try to help them
4. the clan is a friendly clan so dont start wars with all other pple (history with Vergil)
5. for the rest have fun in the clan ^^, уRذ is the best clan mate =D
6. Never Break Game Rules [Hacking,Cheating,Spamming etc is NOT ALLOWED]

OR ELSE... You Will Get Kicked Out Of The Clan!!

Forum Rules:
1.<UnderWork - Angel>
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Rules of уRذ clan!!
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