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 Sgunz = Changing into: ???

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Sgunz = Changing into: ??? Empty
PostSubject: Sgunz = Changing into: ???   Sgunz = Changing into: ??? EmptyFri Sep 14, 2007 12:26 am

for all those who care:
(i do )

SgunZ is going to get removed.
satan911 ( johnny ) is out of money and the server hasnt got enough players.

he sold it to a new guy, some ppl say he's called MR.B or sumthing. iono.
so basicly, satan is not the owner anymore, and Sgunz will be changed into something new.

this is gnna happen in october somewhere. im not sure

here is the thread where satan announced it.

~Pin Cracker
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Sgunz = Changing into: ???
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